Our Mission

Provide information technology that delivers open access education within a fast, reliable and safe search environment.

WikiEye is a private technology firm based in Sofia. It was founded in 2013 with the objective to remove the barriers to education, promote online learning and reading and give all persons equal learning and professional development opportunities regardless of their social, cultural or economic backgrounds while respecting fundamental rights to privacy, intellectual ownership and safety.

Our founders are seasoned executives with a diverse range of nationalities, experiences with leading investment banks and financial institutions, industry backgrounds and expertise across a broad range of disciplines such as fixed income structuring, credit risk management and analytics as well as technology solutions for government and commercial applications.

WikiEye focuses on two primary products that allow us to take advantage of several opportunities in the fields of Data Analytics and Information Security:

Editorial Search Engine. The project aims at exploiting the opportunity of redirecting the searches towards authoritative and safe repositories of information in the educational fields (government, university research sites, foundations, online libraries). The formula is quite simple: instead of applying filters on an unbridled amount of online content, we have selected and vetted all the underlying sources of information that are shown through the search engine. The result is the exposure only to rated online resources that provide relevant and original content with great information quality. This project is requiring a considerable investment of time and resources for the building of the underlying database and for the development of all search engine functionalities: DB management, proprietary search algorithms and knowledge graphs, data encryption and security. The search engine shall operate by serving search results originated from open access online resources (websites, documents, books, online courses, documentaries and movies) as well as results from selected online media.

NPL Digital Solutions. We are currently pursuing several opportunities with European banks in the digitalization of loan portfolios (performing and non-performing) and creation of online, digital platforms. We are combining our credit, risk management and risk analytics expertise with our search engine technologies in assisting European banks that are willing to build accessible loan databases that would not only eliminate the information asymmetries between the loan sellers and buyers, but would also improve the quality and diversity of loan data, loan servicing and assets valuation metrics. Our team’s analytical insights, industry knowledge and technological expertise are central to the success of this product.

WikiEye has a strong team of analysts, engineers and professionals plus a dynamic pool of contractors across various domains.

Key Individual Profiles


Entrepreneur with proven track record in seeding and developing information technology firms, among which: a leading provider of risk management and portfolio optimization solutions to the asset management industry (FinAnalytica, now part of FactSet), a quantitative investment advisory and several startups in ITC, big data, encryption and security. Holds degrees in Financial Engineering and Business Administration.

Head of Business Development

Seasoned financial executive with almost 20 years in fixed income with leading investment banks (Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, UBS). Holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Head of Risk and Technical Implementation

Worked for CERN in Geneva on the Large Hadron Collider project and for almost 18 years in risk management and fixed income for major European banks (Credit Suisse, Intesa-San Paolo). The latest position was as Senior Risk Officer for a London-based alternative investments firm. Holds a Ph.D in High Energy Particle Physics.

Chief Software Architect

Has more than 30 years of experience working as lead technical architect for an International Development Bureau, which provides bespoke, classified civil technology and solutions to large companies, governments and international defense agencies in the areas of cryptography, data security, big data, medical information systems, multimedia databases, large-scale automation and TEMPEST (NATO SDIP-27 standard).

Head of Technology

Has more than 18 years of experience in software development for major banking groups. Last position was at Unicredit Bulbank as Head of Software Development and IT Departments managing and developing corporate RD and technology integration systems, including risk and regulatory reporting systems and risk analytics for the bank’s NPL portfolio.

Head of Legal

Experienced corporate lawyer focusing on technology, data transfer and compliance. Former official at the Supervision and Enforcement Department at the European Data Protection Supervisor. Author of “The Impact of Business Process Outsourcing on Privacy and Data Protection“, Wolf Legal Publishers, 2014. Holds LLM degrees in Law and in Law and Technology.

WikiEye’s offices, processes, development, client services, support and account management are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System).

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