Multi-platform Data Aggregation, Visualization and Reporting

Network Content Analysis Platforms for Open, Provisioned and Classified Use

Multimedia DB with Generation-independent I/O and Provisioning

Streaming Video Aggregation and Real-time Management

Documentation Modeling and Management Platforms incl. Virtual and 3D Databases and Information Structures

To support and enhance the development of our Editorial Search Engine and NPL Digital Platforms, WikiEye has acquired intellectual property developed over more than 20 years in the fields of Data Analytics and Information Security. Our teams keep improving and adapting all the modules to the challenges of a constantly changing landscape.

We have developed Data Analytics technologies that support and expand in-house and/or third party database management systems by providing integrated, full lifecycle solutions.

Comprehensive SIEM integration

Multiple data representation forms

Platform- and format-independent

Multi-Jurisdiction provisioning and support

360-degree reporting